Making a great smoking pipe takes more than just an eye for form. I use the best tooling equipment and experience to provide a quality pipe that will be cherished for a lifetime. I keep my prices affordable so they won't break the bank for your average pipe smoker who wants a premium pipe.


More than just selling pipes through my online store, I go to many pipe shows every year. I really enjoy talking with past customers, fans of my work, and the friends I've made over the years at shows like Chicago, Columbus, St. Louis, Richmond, and more. If my offerings on my site or table don't impress you, I am happy to do commission work. In fact, most people who buy my pipes are repeat customers, and of those repeat customers, over half of their purchases from me are commissions.


I know you'll enjoy a pipe from me.



My goal is to find the highest quality briar possible. I tend to use Italian briar for nearly all my pipes, but have been known to use other mediums than briar in the past; such as "Michigan Morta" (fossilized oak). I normally age my briar after I buy it for a minimum of two years or more.

Stem Material and Accents

I use german ebonite and cumberland for my hand cut stems. For accents on the shank, I use corian, zebra wood, olive wood, bamboo, and bocote. Lately I've discovered a neat way to do an arched ferule that is really sharp. 


Return Policy

In a few words, I stand by my work. A pipe in unsmoked condition may be returned within one month of purchase if you aren't 100% satisfied. If one of my pipes experiences burnout within one year's time, we can arrange a refund or rebuild of a pipe of equal price. Because of the natural nature of accidents, I can't extend a warranty to excessive wear and tear, stem breakage, etc., but am willing to fix the pipe for an agreed upon fee.


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